Nextfood is an independent, no profit Award. It offers a complete study, project and marketing process to correctly introduce a food or beverage product in the market: from the project concept to the choice of the bio-compostable material, to a packaging smart development and graphic.


63DE-SIGN announce and organize in Milan the 2nd edition of the Food Innovation contest“NEXTFOOD



The Food Innovation – is the central theme NEXTFOOD AWARD, addressed to all the start-ups that are measured in this area with at least one product under its own brand. Sustainability must involve all stages of the life cycle and understand all aspects of packaging, never regardless of packaging functional requirements of the product contained.

63de-sign then want to accompany a start-up in the process of choice of materials, shapes and technologies in order to optimize resources and energy in manufacturing, and to facilitate their use and disposal. In fact, the packaging is between the elements of greatest pollution both volumetric that for environmental impact. Driving a new company into the right choices and futuristic helps her put on the market in a winning way and how trendsetter in its class.


The aim is to underline the fundamental role of this process, well known by the multinationals but scarcely considered by the new entrepreneurs.

  • The Award

    The Award is internationally opened to all the start ups which operate in the food & beverage innovation – from the field to the table – having the organization and production capabilities to introduce their food innovation product or project in at least one market in the year following the call, providing the necessary permits and patents have been granted. An higher rate will be given to an already distributed product.

  • Mission

  • Vision

    highlight and promote a project idea (creative and economic) to facilitate a radical rethinking aimed at new Earth-respectful practical projects
  • Unicity

    NEXTFOOD AWARD differenciates itsef from other contests or awards for these reasons:

    1) No other award offers such contents and prize in this field

    2) A senior professional team, partner of NEXFOOD AWARD, will be at your full and free disposal during the Seeds&Chips Summit to give you advice on product commmunication, packaging, materials and industrial production lines to develop a food or beverage innovation product.

    3) A position paper – based on business plan and canvass models -  including the rating given by the jury,  highliting the start ups strong and weak points, to facilitate the product development process.


  • Award value

    it consists in free professional advices on:

    1. Analysis of the most innovative materials with low environmental impact consistent with the international laws and regulations

    2. Definitions of all the mandatory written rules to be printed on the packaging

    3. Best packaging choice, with a view to smart re-using in case it’s not recyclable

    4. An eye-catching packaging  artwork suitable for a consistent shelf positioning (product concept)

    5. Print artworks  ready for industrial or social co-op production

    6. 40 hours of marketing and commercial tutoring

    The total value of this Award is € 25.000


  • The winner

    The winning start up will sign an agreement with

    63 DE-SIGN – the leader and coordinator of the Nextfood Award professional phases -  and obtain all the above mentioned process advices, in full respect of the International company privacy rules.

  • Competitiveness and other advantages

    the Award and the winner will gain full International communication and visibility thanks to Seeds&Chips notoriety. The Award has been developed to draw the attention of the social community on the responsibility towards more conscious and informed buying choices, on a more ethical way of living which can no longer wait.

  • Results

    Nexfood Award first edition in 2017 by Image Line, opened with 39 Countries and 4000 contacts. In the 4 days of the Summit, 29 advices have been provided and 8 start ups have been supported in the 3 months following the Summit. The results coming from the jury and the relevant position papers have been sent to each partecipating start up.



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