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Welcome! This award is dedicated to you.

It’s our wish to make this contest an annual meeting, aimed at efficiently supporting the innovation food & bevarage industries and all the other new companies which are redefining the way of living and eating.

Presently we’re working together with SeaMore, the winner of the 2017 NEXTFOODAWARD by Imageline, to launch their new product.


  • When do they open up the inscriptions?

    to be defined
    Entries will close on ....


  • How much does it cost?

  • Who can participate in the awards?

    The NEXTFOOD AWARD is open to associated...... that are measured by the food industry (Food
    Innovation), with at least one product under its own brand (marketable or reposition).
    They can participate in the Award the Start up meet the following prerequisites: mission and business
    objectives based on ethics, without discrimination; strong entrepreneurial spirit; organizational and financial
    Participation is forbidden to members of the jury and their families.
    Each start up can participate in NEXTFOOD AWARD with N ° 1 product.
  • Why an award for product innovation?

    Our core business is product communication, covering every stage of the process: work that leads to rapid, conclusive market entry in b2b or b2c mode. From innovative, eco-sustainable materials to concept and communication, we handle the entire process that accompanies the product to the final production line.
    This process is a given for multinationals who know the value of it, but it’s often underestimated by new entrepreneurs when they’re first starting out, and failure to address the issue, or addressing it in an empirical or instinctive way, can often lead to failure for the business.